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I do not spew profanities. I enunciate them clearly, like a fucking lady.
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Attack on Titan CHAIN boxart, trailer ⊟

Spike Chunsoft will release Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind CHAIN, an update to last year’s seemingly rushed 3DS game, in Japan this December. The update will be available as paid DLC (around $20) to owners of the original game, as well as a standalone retail game.

CHAIN adds four-player online co-op play with limited text chat and rankings, improved controls, interface enhancements, balance tweaks, and Circle Pad Pro support. It will also offer new stages, missions, modes, characters, voices, Titans, Titan behaviors, costumes, weapons, and more.

Watch the new trailer past the post break:

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Guerrilla Games New PS4 IP ‘Horizon’ Leaks

We’ve been hearing about Guerrilla Games working on a whole new IP and new genre for quite some time now. We know that it’s an action RPG, supposedly open-world and the head writer of Fallout New Vegas is at the helm. All of this sounds fantastic and now we have a little more info and the first concept art of the title. Say hello to Horizon. Robot dinosaurs and vikings sounds pretty badass. 

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what the fuck


Always reblog lol

Have you guys never seen the original Starbucks logo? It’s still up at the first store in the Pike Place (which isn’t actually the first store, but shhhh)



i’m gonna throw a brick at my computer

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Women Who Conquered the Comics World

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Which do you prefer: Oracle or Batgirl?

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Okay, people get mad at me, but to me, these are the same character on different points of their timeline. 

I talk about this a lot. The big iconic heroes, they have stories told at all points of their timeline; Jungle Tales of Tarzan and adult Tarzan, Young Conan and King Conan, Young Sherlock and mature Sherlock, etc.

I always think of Barbara as a character who starts as James Gordon’s daughter, becomes Batgirl, and eventually becomes Oracle. To me, it’s the same novel, different chapters. 

And both are fun to write, it’s fun to write Barbara as young and inexperienced, and wonderful to write her as controlling the world from a chair in a tower. 

I don’t really look at them as different.

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Microsoft purchases Mojang for $2.5 billion

Microsoft has bought Mojang, the Swedish developer behind the mega-hit Minecraft, for $2.5 billion.

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